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Tablecloth covers:

To attract attention at trade shows, exhibitions and wherever you choose to promote your business.

Do you often attend exhibitions and trade shows to market your business? Next time you do, take our custom fabric tablecloths and throws with you. Table throws and blankets are great for promotional purposes, giving your booth a polished look so you stand out at the event. The product is designed so that it completely drapes the table and hangs sideways, completely covering the rough, battered surface.

Contribute to the success of your shows, exhibitions and promotional events.
Because they make your table stand out and make people notice you!
Versatile use and application - can be used at any event such as job fairs, hotels, trade shows, and more! You can even use them in conferences, meetings with clients, etc. Affordable – Inexpensive tablecloths and throws are available at very low rates and incur lower costs compared to other advertising strategies. Reusable - table throws and blankets can easily be washed if they get dirty, allowing you to reuse them again and again for as many events as you want customizable - personalized table blankets can be designed to suit your needs