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Tablecloth covers:

Do you often participate in exhibitions and trade shows to market your business?

In this case, you definitely need table covers that represent and promote your business. Tablecloths are an important accessory. They are the centerpiece of the attraction. They extend all the way to the table legs and attract lots of attention and marks

The next time you're at an event or trade show, grab our custom fabric table covers and table throws.

These promotional tablecloths and throws are a great product for your business and give your booth an elegant look.

The fabric of the tablecloth is designed in such a way that it completely drapes the table and hangs over the side, completely covering the rough and damaged surface.

Versatile use and application

The logo stretched tablecloth can be used in any event, such as trade shows, hotels, trade shows, etc. You can even use them during conferences, client meetings, etc.

Personalized printed tablecloth:

Make your living room or event table stand out with bright and bold personalized printed tablecloths. Vibrant color print on machine washable polyester.

Fabric tablecloth:

Simple, elegant and organic fabric tablecloths have undeniable charm. Investing in our table covers is like a one-time purchase and you can use them for everyday use as well as special occasions.

Stretch tablecloths with logo:

The stretch tablecloth, very popular among other tablecloths, is made from 100% polyester and eco-solvent ink.

100% machine washable:

If soiled, our fabric tablecloths can be washed in a household washing machine. Simply hang them to dry and iron on low heat.


Our polyester tablecloth is naturally wrinkle resistant. You can rest easy knowing that your polyester tablecloth will look polished and professional every time you take it out of storage.

Matte finish:

At first glance, our matte finish tablecloth, just like a fabric tablecloth, looks like a plate of frosted glass, except that our cover is unbreakable. Simply unroll it on the table so that it remains firmly attached to the surface.

Class B2 fire retardant:

Our fire retardant and water resistant tablecloths meet the fireproofing requirements for many events at larger venues.

Robust and durable:

The fabric of the tablecloth is high-quality material, simple and elegant in appearance. Strong, tear-resistant vinyl is more durable than disposable vinyl.

At Backdropsource, we have 3-sided and 4-sided table covers. We have different variations like square tablecloth, fitted round tablecloth, fitted tablecloth, standard tablecloth and stretched tablecloth.


It is certain that one can hide the items kept under the table by using fitted table covers. In addition, these table covers will be an added advantage to attract the attention of many customers because they attract them with their elegance. They are the centerpiece of a meeting room, a conference room, a lounge or an exhibition.

Their cleanliness and eye-catching prints and colors provide many advantages to the company when promoting the brand or for large sales.

So grab your personalized table covers and get ready to host a party or attend a trade show.