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Backdrop for food photography

Posted by Support Team Backdropsource on


The background is usually the large part of the composition that is not meant to dominate your subjects. The backdrop is something you plan to use again and again and Backdropsource photography surfaces are waterproof, lightweight and flexible, helping you shoot directly on it.

What makes a background good for food photography?


Backdropsource photography surfaces are non-reflective and realistic and have a matte finish. The different backgrounds you use for your food photography can really change the look and feel of photography. It is therefore crucial that you choose the right backdrop that enhances and complements your subject.


Textured backdrops can be useful in many ways for your photography. But the backdrop should not be too textured. It takes the focus away from the food you're trying to photograph. A subtle texture will give you enough contrast to take your photography to the next level. Some of the textures such as wood, paper, grunge, ground, concrete, rustic, marble, etc. are available in backgroundsource.


The background is what you will build your food story on. It's always good if you tend to choose pale, neutral backgrounds so that your food marks the most color, dominating the surface. The backdrop you choose should match your story.


When it comes to food photography size, you can get the compact 2ft x 2ft size for standard backgroundsource shots. It also takes up little space and you can carry it anywhere you want.


At Backdropsource, photographic surfaces come in a variety of colors and textures that enhance the mood of the image that ultimately draws our attention to this delicious food. Our photography surfaces are unique, beautiful and high quality camera-ready surfaces specially designed for professional food photography.


START your own food and surface photography background collections provided by the professionals at Backdropsource! Backdropsource Photography Surfaces - "Perfect for those messy food shots."

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